Let the poetry begin!

I’m a sucker for a writing prompt. This month, poet Maureen Thorsen will offer a daily prompt on her National Poetry Writing Month blog. It’s the perfect excuse to crawl out of the cocoon and start writing. Care to join me?

Today’s instructions: Go to Reb Livingston’s Bibliomancy Oracle. Clear your mind, push the button, and then write a poem based on the quotation that the oracle provides.

Here’s my prompt, direct from the oracle:

Resist alcohol.
Resist tongue kissing.
Resist peaches.

from ”The Technique Is Flawed” by Alexis Pope

 And here is my April 1st poem:

Cease and resist
Stop and turn away

Cease those things that cause me pain
set me back
make me numb
silence dreams
inhibit growth
put love out of reach

Resist the temptation to wallow in inertia
delay the inevitable
set questions aside
speak quietly
stay inside
abandon joy

Cease and resist
Begin and embrace